Lightburn will not import PDFs

I’m on windows 10 and see Lightburn lists PDF as a recognized format. When I try to import them I am asked which page and after selecting the page nothing is visible. I am new to the community although I haven’t seen any posts with a fix for this. Any help?

Can you attach a problematic PDF for us to take a look at?

Im not able to attach the PDF to this message.

If you append ‘.txt’ to the file name (e.g.: ‘my file.pdf.txt’) this will allow you to attach unsupported file types.

Sorry to step in.
If you click The zoom to frame icon
after you import your PDF can you see the shapes?

Sheet 1 P51_Plans.pdf.txt (218.8 KB)

I’ve taken a look at your sample PDF and I think the reason nothing shows in LB is because this is a raster PDF rather than vector. You’d want a vector PDF if you plan on using it for cutting out on the laser.