LightBurn will not recognize xTool D1 on USB port

Computer works when connected to xTool on USB port, but will not find xTool on LightBurn. Have loaded latest xTool firmware several times, but nothing is ever found.

If you search this forum for xtool USB I think you will find that there is a driver you need to load. Also- on Lightburn’s YouTube channel, there is a video dedicated to connecting the xTool D1. xTool D1 Laser Engraver LightBurn Set Up & First Project - YouTube

Often the xTool D1 profile must be created Manually.

In the lower right corner of the Laser window - is xTool D1 selected as the device?

If not, click the Devices button in the lower left corner of the Laser window and Select the xTool option. If the option isn’t available - you can import the required file. It’s linked from their instruction manual.

Thanks. Did just that & everything is working fine. Appreciate all the responses…

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If you dont mind, what fixed it? It might save me some more trouble.