Lightburn with a camera and duet2 wifi

I plan on upgrading my eleksmaker with a duet2 wifi. Using sensorless homing to be able to use the camera feature of lightburn.
All the info I found made it seem like the duet2 wouldn’t be great as a laser controller. Has anyone had good luck using that board?
Is sensorless homing accurate enough for the camera?

If this has already been done please send a link. I couldn’t find any info on it.

Duet Wifi is not a supported controller at this time.

Do you know of a good controller that would work for that purpose? The only option i found was an MKS gen L with 2130 TMC stepper motors and SPI control

“That purpose” - I assume you mean sensorless homing? I’m not familiar with that or boards that support it, no. Limit switches are cheap, and generally pretty simple to install.

Ok, then what board would you recommend with endstop?

Any 32 bit board that can run Smoothieware can also run GRBL-LPC. GRBL-LPC has great image engraving performance, and Cohesion3D’s LaserBoard running through clustering firmware will actually outdo GRBL-LPC. Stock Smoothieware is great for cutting, but engraving performance is slow.

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