Lightburn with SnapMaker 2.0 350 for Etching

I have worked through some of the A350’s laser problems and have been testing etching on book cloth. The attached three images will show the settings I have used and the few points of charring that occur on this test sample. I’m heading in the right direction, but need someone with etching experience to tell me if I need to push the parameters further.

I have already decided that I’ll have to make 4 passes each a bit deeper than the other. The goal here is to have an etched title without any char.

Cuts-LayersZ7A-SM2 Lightburn-Cuts - Layers Cut Settings EditorZ7A-SM2 Lightburn-Cut Settings Editor

Thanks for any assistance available.

I wish I could help you but I’m just starting to work through my laser problems. I have a Snapmaker a350 and I just connected it to lightburn after giving up on snapmaker luban. I cannot get the laser power where I need it when making a cut. That item is greyed out on each cut layer. I need to set the minimum power higher and it just won’t let me. Any advice?

No problem. I have joined a local Maker’s Group and have access to both an 80 watt and 100 watt large bed laser. I am going to ditch the SM 2.0 A350.

Can you offer any guidance on getting the laser power set?

What are you trying to etch? I was only testing Bookcloth - the covering for book covers so I have very limited information available.

I’m still on the very basics. I can’t even get it to cut/engrave wood the way I want. I got a light cut in but that’s about it. I’m still working on it.

I don’t think grbl controllers have a ‘minimum’ power setting. :slight_smile: