Lightburn with xTool D1 on MacBook Pro

Just bought a xTool D1, after trail and error and an email from LightBurn Software Support I was able to install Lightburn 1.1.01 to my MacBook. It recognized my laser last night but this morning not so. I can’t get it configured for trying. I uninstalled Lightburn and reinstalled it. Trying to use the MacOS instructions from Installing Lightburn - LightBurn Software Documentation. No luck.
Any Ideas?

Most likely you will need to pick the port in the pulldown between the Devices button and your laser name in the Laser window.

If you have started LightBurn with the laser disconnected LightBurn will default to the next available port which it typically cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port.

Pull down the selector and pick something else. Generally this will be the only other option.

If you always start LightBurn after the laser is on then it will stick to the last used port.

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