LightBurn with xTool extension framing in the right place, processing shifted

The unit frames the object exactly where it is, let’s say position x,y. When I order the print, the print shifts to the position x-10,y. What is wrong with this?? I am using absolute coordinates, LB latest rev. Is there any way I can upload a video to show frame and print?

No. What you can do is upload to a streaming service like YouTube, and post the link here.

You have no machine listed in your bio, so a diagnosis will be difficult.

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Did you set a laser offset in device settings?

Thank you for the suggestion Mike. I’ll work on that.

Here is the info Melvin:

Mike, this is what I have: (BTW it was working perfectly until I added the extension kit and all xTool related updates. LB 1.6.00 was ok)
XCS V 1.7.8
xTool D1 with extension kit. FW V40.30.010.01 B2
LB 1.6.00
Windows 11

You might want to enable the Laser Offset:

Also, your scanning offsets seem a little odd.
This is the Xtool Ldev profile standard off their website:

Two comments on your reply Gil: It is my understanding that you use the Laser Offset when you use the red cross to align, and I use the laser itself to do so. Also the Lbdev that you show is correct, but still showing the wrong height for the extension kit. About the scanning offsets, my be but I have been working with LB and xTool for almost two years and never have an issue until the extension installation.

Fair, and yes the default lbdev is for standard size

if you type these two commands in console, could you post the outputs?

Sorry for the delay Gil. Here is the dump:
Waiting for connection…


[xTool D1:ver B2]




start_home x

left limit trigged

start_home y

up limit trigged










































all seems ok on $$
what about
Did you try that one?

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