Lightburn wont connect to laser

I have a 60w G.Weike laser with an AWC608C controller and have been using LaserCad with it and thought i would give Lightburn a try, i have installed version 0.9.02 and it has automatically found my controller, and i have checked all the settings for it and they all look right, but it does not connect with my laser, even though it says the laser is ready, i cannot send files to my laser as lightburn says that it is either busy or paused and i cannot move the laser head by clicking on the movement buttons, i have even removed the auto detected controller and then manually installing it, but if i try and let Lightburn auto detect it, it doesnt find anything so there is no communication at all. But i can still use LaserCad without any problems. And yes i have restarted both laser and my computer without success.
Any ideas what else i can try to fix this problem?

How old is the machine / controller?

There are some 608’s that use an FTDI chip / driver, and some newer ones that use a different setup. The upcoming release adds support for the FTDI driver for 608 devices (called Serial/USB in LightBurn).

No idea how old it is, i bought it second hand.

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