Lightburn wont connect to mainboard

Hi , my generic laser is not recognised by Lightburn, I have used this board with lasergrbl without problem and also have a MKS DLC v2.1 board which also works fine with laser brbl but not detected by Lightburn. Lightburn does not find either board automatically, but does change from disconnected to ready when i request a connection. Homing is turn off as not present on his device. That said, the console screen shows waiting for connection even after restarting, The port is visible in device manager and is using a CH340 driver which works perfectly on lasergrbl.
Is there anyway to verify connection? Is there something i am missing in Lightburn.
Lightburn updated today to the latest version V1.2.03 and i have 16 days left to evaluate this.
Any help or advise greatly appreciated. I will provide any requested info as soon as possible.

Update: LightBurn updated to version 1.2.04 and it found my laser ! This now configured but subsequent attenpts to detect have failed. Any ideas appreciated.

I assume the machine is seeing it now?

Sometimes mine won’t connect to the usb properly and I’ve had to unplug/plug it in a couple of times so it gets a ‘new’ connection… goes from USB0 to USB1.

Right click on the device tab in the laser window to attempt a reconnect.



thanks for feedback.
Connection is working but it still does not show in device detection. Luckily i ran throught the wizard first time it did show a device so have a “working” profile currently. I am assuming it is Lightburn as Lasergrbl has no trouble, odd that it saw it once but has lost it again. I had flashed the mainboard to grbl 1.1h and thought it was that had cured the issue.

It’s begging to sound like some type of intermittent connection. Software doesn’t break, may have a bug, but it doesn’t break… Hardware breaks…

If it found it once, it should be repeatable.

On my Ubuntu it will show there, but the port will be ‘busy’ Try the unplug and re-plug the usb it should reset the port or create another one…


Hi, have left disconnected overnight and retried this morning and has shown up ok.Dont know why it loses it occasionally but it seems to be o at the moment. I agree with your software theory and thats what was throwing me. Bits have changed since i first posted, particularly firmware and Lightburn version, maybe its a combination of everything i have been messing with. I appreciate your feed back in the matter, its look like i can safely consider this resolved.

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