Lightburn won't discover my Jinsoku LC-40

I can’t get Lightburn to find my Jinsoku LC-40, and I can’t find a driver to download.

Have you already flashed the GRBL firmware to the machine? If not, it won’t work in LightBurn.

Genmitsu Jinsoku LC-40 Resources - SainSmart Resource Center

My zip drive that came with machine was corrupt.

Are you up and running then?

Only on my phone app …

So where does that leave you? Are you good with the situation? Can’t tell from what you’re saying.

The link @berainlb posted above links to the driver & firmware installation steps you need, based on what I’m reading. Following the manufacturer’s steps at that link is likely the way forward to get GRBL on your machine, so it can talk to LightBurn.

I also found this video at the bottom of the page by accident showing the steps as they’re done in order; I know videos are easier for some topics than reading for me too, so covering bases as I see information.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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