Lightburn work space does not matching engraver workarea

I just want to say I am pretty new to the whole laser cutting experience. lightburn has made things a bit more easy to understand.but I am having a porb

I have a atomstack a10 pro 410/400 mm laser engraving but as of now I just can’t seem to get the workarea to match with the workspace of lightburn, the laser head always increase 60mm on x axis and 10mm in y axis even though I did the set up at the beginning. Anything I load up work in lightburn to be framed or engraved in some cases, it causes the motor drivers to skews off to the left or top or bottom corner of the engraver thus in turn grinding my belts.( I hate that sound :frowning: )

Then I have searched and found this

G92 X0 Y0

I joged the laser head to the front left of the machine and write it these code in console and thanks God every thing went great

But every time I press Home button or turning on after turning it off every thing goes wrong again and I have to wrote G92 X0 Y0 again
Is there a solution to this problem thanks in advance

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