Lightburn Workspace Not Matching Laser Workspace

I was hoping someone could help me with an issue I’m having regarding Lightburn and my machine workspace not quite matching up.

I am trying to engrave an item on my Thunder Nova 24 60W. I have a circular piece of wood that I’ve measured out and placed in the corner of my machine bed. I drew a circular shape in Lightburn to mark the space for that piece of wood and created another layer (a fill layer) with my text.

When I frame the image, the design goes outside of my piece of wood. I tried doing a trial burn, and the image is cutting off. I tried changing the “start from” settings, but none of the three options seemed to work.

I know I have my machine bed size area set up correctly (23.6" x 15.7"). I’m not quite sure which setting in Lightburn or on my machine I should be adjusting to make sure my workspaces are matching up.

I’m very new to working with lasers, so I ask for your patience - any nudges in the right direction would be appreciated!

Photos of what I’m trying to do are attached… maybe I’m just not approaching this correctly!

I see you have the Device Origin set to the back-left. Most Ruida systems home and have 0, 0 set to the back-right. It looks like the system jumped or missed steps when doing your fill layer. Did you notice anything when producing this job?

FWIW, my red&black w/Ruida 6442 has 0,0 at back left.

FWIW, My 3-yo Nova 24 homes at the back/left corner. No problems at all for me.

Thank you for helping me. :slight_smile: I now know, (maybe again) the Nova24 and “red & black w/6442”, back-left. Thank you. (I did say most. :wink:)

@MH1644, @Hank, any suggestions for Christian that you can think of to help sort their issue? They have the Nova24. What do you think?

If you jog the laser to the center of the machine and set that as the origin using the origin button on the controller and then send your file using Start From = User Origin, where does it try to put your work?

Here are my settings for Job Orientation and “Start From”:


In case that helps. My Nova 24 is located in a different area from my design PC, so I use a USB flash drive to load jobs into the Nova 24 and run them from the Ruida control panel.

I also have a nova 24,FWIW I know it seems obvious but just double check the size of the circle you have drawn in Lightburn actually matches the size of the piece of timber in your machine from your picture the timber looks smaller to me.Once you get it sorted I am sure you will love your Nova

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