Lightburn X=0 Y=0 alignment with Honeycomb

Hi , I try to align my honeycomb with the lightburn workspace. I use endswitches that are set $27= 3mm , so i pull 3mm from homing , this way my endswitch isnt pressed.same i Y axis.
In lightburn i enter this offset of 3mm:

Making (designing) an line on Y axis = Zero in lightburn , i can frame it or run it, but designing an line on X axis Zero, i get the error : “You have no layers in your project set to output”.
How to fix this. what i try to do is using my angle in honeycomb as zero/zero reference of lightburn

That’s not what the pointer offset is for. I’d suggest disabling.

What does “Get position” in Move window show you after homing?

Does 0,0 actually correlate to 0,0 on the printed portion of the honeycomb?

This is likely a separate issue. Can you upload a full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded? Please make sure that the Cuts/Layers window is visible in the screenshot.


Does 0,0 actually correlate to 0,0 on the printed portion of the honeycomb?

Not yet mounted. but i try to figure it out

The error:

Try zeroing out the y position so that it doesn’t show negative.

I don’t actually know if shapes at 0 position are considered in bounds but at least try to get it non negative.

I did … same error. But if i move the line on Y zero this can be framed , no problems.

Push the bottom-left 9-dot marker in the Numeric Edits Toolbar and check both X and Y position for the line.

I just tested and have no problem sending a job with line on Y 0 position.

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