Lightburn Z axis moves not working as expected

Read through this thread but its closed and having the same issues as the OP with my Thunder Laser Nova 35

The Z axis moves down and then back up but the head never moved in between. It then goes to the next spot to laser and carry’s on. It would not avoid an object like this.

It should retract the Z axis, move the head, and then raise the work piece.

Lightburn 9.16

This behavior has been fixed already for the next release.

Awesome, sounds good, ETA?

Can you add in a way to run the lines without firing the laser and exhaust? The ruida controller will only let me set the output as low as min .1%.

Also if someone was outside their 1 year of updates, could they get that bug fix for free?

We’re hoping to release within the next week or so.

A CO2 laser won’t fire the beam at 0.1%. The controller gives me no means to control the exhaust, so yours is probably keyed off the ‘running’ signal.

Nope - an update is an update, and we don’t retroactively fix past releases. It’s not feasible unfortunately.

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