Lignes not "burned"


I have noticed, when following lines with the cursor, I see that lines will be burned , and others are not, in many occasions at round corners.

I see that with the look that takes the cursor : from ~~ to a + or -0- , I hope you see what I mean .


The shape of the cursor does not indicate whether the line is burned. You may be misattributing the cursor to something you’re seeing in the burn. Or I’m not understanding what you’re referring to.

Can you take a photo of the lines that aren’t being burned as well as a screenshot of what you’re seeing with the cursor?

I will as soon as possible,
(I think it is related to the resolution of the laser-beam/machine: can-do and cant-do this or that …)
and thank you for the response,
Have you noticed the fact that the cursor changes sometimes when you follow lines ?

best regards

Yes. The cursor will change to indicate different functionality typically.

Perhaps you’re watching the cursor indicate snap points:

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Thank you for the link :slight_smile:

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