Ligtburn can not connect to Controller

I have an ATOMSTACK P9 M50 that does no want to connect with the controller this is what it tells me… “Waiting for connection…” Working with Win 10. I was told I must deactivate Switch $21 ans $22. Some how I did find them once and the Machine did work . But once I turned it off , the next day the same thing happened and NOR I can not find how to turn off those switches. How do I get to those switches?

Waiting for connection…

These $ values should not have any effect on Lightburn being able to connect to the machine.

They only have to do with the machines configuration of operation. If you reboot or rest the controller, it may require you to change the usb connection in the laser window.

I’m not a windows person, but the internal settings of the controller are not related to communication issues.

You should be able to see the laser in your device settings. If your os can’t see the laser, Lightburn can’t connect either…

Good luck


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