Ligthburn Camera Use with 1300 x 900 bed and no way to mount with minimum height requirement

I have a Bescutter Versa Star 1300 x 900 bed. Given my bed size, it says I need to mount a camera at minimum 22" above my bed. There is no way, even with the hood open that the camera can be mounted that high, and in a place where whole bed is visible. Can anyone tell me how to make this setup work?

Make sure that you’re entering the dimensions in Camera Help as width by height to match the orientation of the camera. If you go the other way it can throw off the minimum height calculations.

Does that resolve the height issue or were you already doing that?

If this does not resolve it, can you indicate exactly what camera you have?

Was already doing that and it says I need at minimum 22", which I cannot achieve.

Which LightBurn camera do you have? And what’s preventing you from getting 22"? Normally these are mounted on the lid of a CO2 laser.

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With the lid closed, I can only get 10"

Attempting to mount a camera while closed may be impractical.

I don’t have to mount it while closed, but I run it closed for obvious reasons and it’s too close to the bed and won’t calibrate and place things accurately

Sorry. Clumsy wording. I mean it may be impractical to try to use the camera in the closed position which is why these are generally setup to be used while the lid is open.

I just finished mine last night after some camera/software changes. I’m running a generic 1390 laser, 16MP arducam(105fov) mounted in the lid at 39" from the bed.

Mount the camera on the lid, parallel with the bed surface. You’ll use the camera to position the material/update the overlay while the lid is open and then while it’s closed, the view is pretty good for monitoring the job in progress for problems. I use splitcam to manage the resolution but it’s pretty GPU intensive so I don’t leave it on constantly. That made a huge difference as I went from a low res image and having trouble getting the camera calibrated to averaging a score of .07 across the entire bed. The camera is overkill but it was on hand from a past project.

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I bought the same camera you’ve used and am not able to get it to recognize the dot pattern at all, despite a crystal clear view through the camera. Any pointers? Did you have troubles?

Splitcam…until lightburn figures out a way to adjust the camera resolution.

Will this allow you to create the overlay in lightburn still for overlaying for placement? I’m afraid this is stretching my tech savy. Apologies and thank you for humoring me.

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