Limerick Weekly Maintenance Time

(Ben) #1

I’m afraid I’ve neglected my Limerick weekly maintenance time. Any suggestions?

(barrie williams ) #2

i have the same label on my machine.

wonderful isn’t it !!

(Hank Morgan) #3

Ahh, truer words were never spoken!
Those crazy philosophical Chinese.

I’m thinking maybe I should engrave that on a plaque or something.

(barrie williams ) #4

so Google translate scanned the sticker and came up with

“Tips: The rails and transmission parts are oiled once a week!”

(Hank Morgan) #5

Damn it. Now for the last 3 hours I’ve had various versions of “There once was a man from Nantucket” running through my head. Arrggh.

(Isaac Barbary) #6

Maybe they should just use google going forward.

(Ben) #7

I have to say I’m disappointed in the lack of laser themed limericks. Your machines must be neglected more than mine!

There once was a machine called a laser.
It said, “I am quite a hellraiser!”
It became infrared,
And had not a flat bed.
And it burned down the house, said an appraiser.