Limit switch aan of uit wat is de oplossing

ik had mijn limit switches verwijderd en dat loste alle problemen op geen raar gebrom en gebonk meer nu het ik er de camara bij gekocht dus moesten er weer de limmit switches op en daar begint de ellende weer hard gebonk en gebrom met opstarten constant error 9 en g-code vergrendeld en jog status word hier echt moedeloos van

It’s probably just incorrect settings. Show the output of $$ in the console window.
Here is a full guide for all limit switches settings:



Target buffer size found


















































Those settings look ok basically. Except the workspace size. If you have the Pro Max, the usable workspace size is 370x360. Change $130=370 and $131=360 (you can enter this one by one in the console window.

At which point does it bang into the frame? Does the homing cycle work?

it bangs in the left down corner and sometime the homing work and kader and then they dont

Does the mechanic hit the switches? There are some positions where you can mount them. Maybe show of picture of it.

i realy dont know i thinking to sending the camera back and get the switches off because everytings perfect without the switshed but i thought it would be nice with the camera but this is driving me crazy have to swits the laser on and off al the time because noting is working as it shut be

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