Limit switch issue

Hi there

I own an elekslaser a3 and i have installed limit switches on it and i can get them working and the machine will home no problem however when i use lightburn the one Y axis motor keeps on turning , i initially thought it was obviously something i done wrong but if i open it on t2 laser it stops as it should so I’m now assuming its a lightware issue

Any help would be gratefully accepted cheers ali

have you enable “auto homing”

When you say, “the one Y motor” - do you mean you have two Y motors but one keeps spinning? (asking because the wording isn’t clear)

I’m not sure why it would behave differently in other software - LightBurn just tells the controller to home itself by sending the home command ($H) and the controller handles it from there. It’s possible they’re using a different homing command than the default one, but the $H command is the only one I’m aware of. The GRBL docs:

Hi there

Sorry i wasn’t clear … yes there is two stepper/driver motors and the one stops as soon as limit switch is engaged but the other keeps spinning but as i say in T2 laser software it stops perfectly everytime

Do you have any idea what commands T2 is sending to the controller? As I said, the software is not involved in the homing process at all - I send the $H command, and that’s it. You can type it from the console to get the same result. It’s possible that T2 is using a different command, but I’m not aware of one.

Strange, I have a machine that uses the mana board from the a3 and the two Y motors are wired in parallel so when one stops the other has to stop. Something not right there. You haven’t got one Y and the X crossed over by any chance?



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