Limit switches problems

Installed to my Sculpfun S9 the exact limit switches, mounting plates and extension cables you specify in the you tube video. Treble checked everything incl using a multimeter to ensure that V really was V at the machine end, G really was G at the machine end and S really was S at the machine end, did this for both axes.
Installed as you suggest in the video and the machine homed to far left nearest to me position, bottom lh corner in plan view.
When it hit the microswitches it stopped but didn’t do the little move away from the switch, the one you suggest a 100 speed for in the macro.
As soon as it hit the switches “ready” went to “disconnected”, any attempt at say framing brings a warning that your devices software is not connected
Initially I thought that the pins on the back of the microswitch pc board were shorting on the machine frame so I removed them and applied insulating tape so they can’t.
Now run out of ideas!!!

What video?

Are these no or nc switches?


The light burn you tube video re limit switch installation.
On that video is a list of all the components required, I bought exactly those. The switches are both no and NC, but are wired as per the YouTube video, it’s called GO HOME INSTALLING LIMIT SWITCHES ON A DIODE LASER.

How about a link to the video?


Ok, watched the video, at what point does it deviate from the video?

When you reconnect, are the values set by the macro still there?


The software doesn’t remember them you have to select the macro each time

When it ‘disconnects’ and forgets, it’s doing a reset in all likelihood.

Does this occur with both axes limits, or just one?

You have the exact same switches and extension wire?


If it disconnects at the moment when the limits are activated, you create a short then. The switches are wired incorrectly. Maybe show some pictures here. And here is another guide on how to install them: Limit Switches - Diode Laser Wiki

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