Line at start of engraving

Hi. When i engrave i get a line that is deeper at the start of the engraving. I have a Mantech Laser and i am using a Ruida driver. Has anyone else had this problem?

Can you describe this in a little bit more detail? Do you mean that the first part of the engraving is deeper / darker? If so, that could be a cooling issue - what are you using to cool the tube?

There’s a term that escapes my alleged mind at the moment, but it refers to slowing the laser movement to allow for a punch-through or blow-through before it starts the cut. It’s common in the CNC world, specifically for plasma cutters, but I won’t remember the word until about 2am in the middle of a deep sleep, I’m sure.

I recall seeing a setting somewhere.

I just opened LB and found under the power settings a toggle for “enable cut-through” which I believe might be turned on if the result is the problem described. The problem is that the specific feature is not available when using scan versus cut. Are you using scan and cut option?

Would a cut-through setting be retained in the controller when switching from cutting to scanning? It doesn’t make sense to have that happen, but perhaps it could be toggled on, then off.