Line engraving mis-registration

I am trying to engraving a seating chart (into acrylic) It has very intricate line drawing around it. It was art I found a long time ago and used successfully on my old GCC (using Corel) I exported it from Corel into a jpg (which has been successful for me on many graphics. It traced fine into Lightburn and looks perfect but 2 things. One – I wanted to engrave the lines (like I did in Corel) but with FILL and in Preview it appears as big black block. When I changed it into LINE it looks like what I want only thin lines. But it had become a night mare. I have engraved this 2X and wasting a lot of material. The lines are all out registration and made a mess. I don’t know what to do to make it right and I have to get this job out. The art looks fine in the window so I can’t alter that. I have attached the graphic and 2 photos of the messed up lines engraved. So a couple questions -

  • is there a way to engrave the lines (not scribe/kiss cut them) without the whole graphic filling in
  • if not – how do I “lock” these lines so they don’t float all over and out of place
  • the line quality is weird - some places are squiggly - some corners are blotchy (like melted) REALLY DON"T WANT TO USE THIS SETTING for line graphics. Thank you for any quick advise you can provide!
    Table Chart.lbrn2 (2.1 MB)

I wanted to split this project into several layers to allow me to process them individually.
On a test piece, you must find the correct settings for speed and power, acrylic can be a difficult material. When you say melted, you are driving too slowly or with too much power, but individual lines are not suitable for this design (which I otherwise like).
The uneven shapes of the lines come from the drawing itself, I suspect it is a scanned trace and converted image. The text was added afterwards from the program, it is clean on all sides.
I want to redesign the whole project so that it can be seen more clearly. However, it requires a little work.

PS. what font did you use?

The images are enlargements of your file.

…just a small question, shouldn’t it have looked something like this?

Not really – I have attached a jpg of the art in my Corel Draw and a photo of what it should look like all done. Everything was was engraved all at the same time on my old laser. Corel Draw doesn’t have a FILL and LINE selection when sending to an engraver. Just a red line for cut and black lines engrave. Thank you

Sorry I just read your other message. It sounds so complicated – Maybe I should tell my customer I changed equipment and programs and this isn’t working and try to find something else?? The fonts are Art Deco TL (title) and Andes body type

The original is very nice, I am also a big fan of art nouveau.
Based on the frame you have shown here, I could trace something that was a little better than yours. But if it has to be perfectly fine, I will probably buy an art nouveau frame for the task online in vector format.

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