Line is STRAIGHT, Fill is WAVY

If I take a clean image, and do a TRACE IMAGE:
The LINE (Vectorized) is as crisp as it possibly can be, BEAUTIFUL.
The FILL (Rastered) image has a waviness that creates a +/- 1mm error.
I don’t see a specific cyclic to the waviness. But its NOT per raster line. Possibly 2-3mm / wave.
The Fill waviness does not compound, it keeps within the 1mm of error, never goes off.
I am using 0.2mm raster lines, 10watt diode (75% @1000mm/m), Optimize turned on.

So, If I use Fill + Line or FILL only, the waviness is VERY noticeable.
If I use LINE, its perfect, but no infill.

Could you possibly provide a screenshot of the cut settings you are using and a picture of the result?


Have you made sure everything is snug? My first guess would be something loose on the x axis.

Can you double click on the cut layer and show the full settings? And are you fill scanning on the X axis?

Yes, all snug. No slop in drive or track.

It burns going left and right. If the slop, if it had it would be on every pass, making fuzzy edges. This wave is consistent within 10-15 passes in both directions.

What is your ramp up speed? I believe it is $120, $121, $122. I’d have to double check.

I had a similar issue, and it was the mount I had. Slowing down the ramp speed allowed less ‘shaking’, which cleaned up my lines. However, I moved from a offset mount on my JTech, to a spindle mount, and it’s solid now.

My offset mount, although rigid and ‘secure’ as best as I could tell, was allowing just enough ‘wiggle’ when it was moving. Especially when it was moving quickly during a narrow fill.

Yes filling on the X.

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