Line Layer over Fill Layer Fills in Circles where it shouldn't


Machine: OMTech 80W
Running: latest version of Lightburn
Laptop: PC
Engraving Settings: In photo

I am aware of the “Fill + Line” Setting, however whenever I use this setting on my machine, the fill & line don’t always line up. Sometimes it skips parts of the image, and it creates problems, or jumps on the machine and creates two images. As a work around, I usually create a fill later (pink 07), then a line layer (green 03), and overlap them.

This has been working great until yesterday. Suddenly, the line layer seems to want to cause the fill layer to fill in holes where the shouldn’t be filled in. For example, in the word “From” or “To”, the “o”'s are randomly completely filled. On some cuts it’s the “o” from the From, and from other’s it’s the “o” from the To. I have turned off the line layer and ran the engraving, and it works fine. The trouble seems to be having these two layers overlapping. Line runs by itself, and Fill runs find by itself, buy why does the line layer cause the fill layer to fill circles?

This is with just the fill layer one

This is with the Fill & the Line layer on.

Those are some really weird behaviors. I’ve never seen a situation where one layer affected the rendering of another layer.

Are you willing to share the .lbrn file? Maybe there’s something going on in the design.

Here is something try, but before you do save your default laser settings. You do this by going to edit>machine settings>save …and label it default laser settings. Hit ok. If you’ve already done that then proceed.

Next, go back to edit > Machine Settings, look in the X & Y axis settings section at the bottom, and look for the value of ‘PWM Rising Edge Valid’ on the X axis.
Change that - if’s it’s checked, un-check it, or vice versa. Then, copy the new setting over to the Y axis as well.

The link below will take you to a page in the Lightburn documentation that talks about what happening. Toward the bottom of the page look for “fixing skewed engraving”