Line Width within a Lightburn file

I have a fine and it has numerous lines that I would like to widen in certain areas. Is there a way to do that simply in Lightburn, such as select the line and give it more line weight.

Only way I know besides defocus is use offset.

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Nope these tool paths are infinitely small. Lightburn has no way to know the kerf of you’re laser.

You can use offset fill or apply an offset to the line and fill it.


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For my work process I use my powered X axis to de focus one or more of the layer setting to achieve the width I want. I spent a couples one day and was able to create setting that with the correct power,speed and offset gave me predicable results.
This work on my CO2 with the powered Z axis.
Maybe this Idea can help you

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Thanks all, I kind of thought that was the case. I will work around it.

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