Line work is not working but full looks better

I have been having an issue with the font not coming out right when fill is selected so I decided to do some test. Rather than doing fill again and selected Line and the output is really bad!

I tighten the belts and the eccentric nuts. Open to all feedback.

Using Lightburn on new MacBook Pro

It appears to have a couple of issues…

To check what the machine will do, use the preview to see where the head is supposed to go…

Some of these single stroke fonts actually make two passes…

You can see it in the preview, make a habit of using it… saves time and material…

While editing your art, if you zoom in real close that will usually make these fonts that do double lines visible.

The machine seems to be loosing steps (doesn’t know where it is), giving you that shifted look…

Always check for mechanical issues. Without power and gently move the head around and see if the it binds or is not smooth anywhere.

Belts are pretty tight as they are automotive type timing belts and have a very small amount of stretch. Unfortunately you can’t be told about belts, just have to learn as you do it…

Another notorious issue is the grub screw on the pulley… check that the pulley isn’t sliding on the motor shaft.

Does it make any noises when it’s operating… it will knock if it tries to accelerate too fast.

Good luck


I wanted to circle back and let everyone what I found and I really appreciate your ideas on helping me figure out what was causing the issue.

I found that the x axis belt was lose from factor and the y axis grub screw was a little loose.

Now everything is running great!

Thanks for that information!

Pretty nearly everybody thinks the hardware should arrive ready to use without any adjustments, but … nope.

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