Lines going in white spaces (cont.)

I started this topic before i went on Christmas break so i had to start a new one because the old one was closed out. Here is my old link: Lines going into the letters/white space

I have messed around with my machine and re-tightened all belts, wheels and screws. The issue is happening in the same locations on each burn. Its not like its happening in different locations.

I did what i was asked an made simple circles inside of one another. as you can see they are not as crisp in some areas as others. I also attached screen shots of my settings. the two pictures of the “The M” are two different burns with the same settings.

133 lines per inch seems kind of widely spaced for a diode laser. What happens if you double that?

I could be wrong, but i don’t think this is the problem with my lines going out of bounds. However, i will tray it bc im at a loss.

Do you have Scanning Offset Adjustment turned on and set up?

No i do not. I will look into how that works bc im not familiar with it.

I also doubled my Lines per Inch and it does look a little better but i can still see where its going out of bounds and i can see where its missing a line or two. You can see the “white” or non burned wood in a few lines in the M. You can see that in the pictures i uploaded.

The unburned lines and the way they line up with the tops and bottoms of the circle where the Y axis changes direction looks like some mechanical play in the system. Loose belt, pulley loose on a motor shaft, that sort of thing.
The inside corners of that M look like an offset adjustment problem (not on, not setup correctly)

Im looking for a post or instructions now for the Offset Adjustments. Is it something i need to play with or is there a common settings?

Also, i can assure you nothing is loose. I have even tried moving my piece around on my machine to burn it it different locations just to see if it made a difference.

The white lines in the circles and on the “M” are where the laser starts the comes back to finish the path. Its leaving a gap. No matter how fast, slow, line interval i make it, it still leaves the lines.

Yes, that’s where the Y axis changes direction. That’s why I suggested some mechanical slop in the Y axis which is what often causes that.

You have flood fill enabled. Turn that off and it will travel in a single pass from bottom to top. Flood fill makes things take less time, but it changes direction often, and exposes any mechanical looseness or slop in the machine.

Turning off Flood Fill made it worse. Im going to go back to the version i had before (8.07) and see what that does…

Your machine appears to have something loose - No version of LightBurn is going to fix that. That looks like the lines on one direction being offset from the lines traveling the other direction. If you turn off ‘bi-directional fill’ it might look cleaner, but that would confirm you have something loose, like a belt or pulley.

Ok, but i would think if it was a lose belt or pulley, it would be all over the place…not just in the same spots each burn. Yes flood fill being turned off made it everywhere. I guess i will check the belts for the 100th time or just buy new ones.

I did go back to an older version and you were correct. It did not fix it and actually made it look worse. It still went out of bounds in the same spots but it also skipped lines or just missed them all together. Its where the laser stops then comes back to finish…just picks up too far from the last line.

The fact that it ISN’T all over the place and seems confined to places where an axis stops moving in one direction and reverses to move in the other direction is almost a sure sign of some play somewhere in the system.

The gantry and carriage move smoothly on the rails with no binding?
Are the set screws that hold the pulley to the motor shaft tight? Motors are firmly bolted to their mounts? Motor mounts are good and rigid and can’t flex at all? Could the lens be loose in its holder?

There’s a lot of places where mechanical “problems” can cause a small amount of slop and it only takes a few thousands of an inch of play or a small amount of binding to raise hell with the system.

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