Lines not loading right

Is there a way to select these shapes and not have all the small direction changes

Lines not loading right from where? How were the shapes created to begin with?

It’s not clear to me what you’re actually asking here. Can you elaborate? What would be selected and what would not?

Sorry, I am really new to the software and laser world.
Lines are created in AutoCAD and converted to a PDF.
As you can see the T in the image is straight, no squiggly lines. The O has a bunch of zig zags, same with the R and A. Just trying to correct that.

Try exporting to various forms of DXF format and importing that into LightBurn. LightBurn can retain text in DXF format.

If that doesn’t work, try exploding the text before exporting to DXF.

This might be something else.

If you’re willing to share a file, I’ll test it on mine.

Another interesting test at your end may be click Help then click Check for Updates. Let me know if it returns a server error.

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