Lines on cut edge

I have a 100w Chinese Laser with a Ruida controller, when I am cutting through 3mm medite the cut edge is not smooth, it has lines down the cut. Is there a setting that will give me a smoother finish to the cut edge?

Do you have an air assist on? Typically it is that which results in a cleaner edge cut.

Yes, air assist is always on when the power is turned on. I did see somewhere that a constant air supply is better than a pulsing air supply that is on my machine.

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Yes, a pulsing supply can cause that effect. It is usually not as bad as what yours is doing, but it does affect it.

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I have a compressor, what sort of pressures do I need for the laser to cut optimally?
Will this sort the issue out or am I just cutting too fast, in have my cut set to 30 speed and 50 power

I run my air assist at 30PSI when cutting, and at about 10 psi when engraving.