Lines on pictures every few inches left to right

On this picture after doing my test which came out fine i have lines running left to right all the way up the project . They are consistent and equally spaced . Just confused about it. I am a woodworker by trade and a finisher so i know its not the grain raising because its consistent.

bills son2.lbrn2 (473.2 KB)

Thank you in advance

I bet the spacing matches the circumference of the roller wheels on the gantry.

If so, check all of them for flat spots or crud.

Some folks had to install replacements after finding the original wheels arrived with built-in flats due to overtightening in the factory.

Just curious would you know where they bought them from… when i slide the gantry with the power off it kind of feels like it skips dont know if thats the stepper or not cant remember the last time i played with steppers my other cnc are servo driven