Linux 1.2.03 installer install 1.2.02

I am not sure where to post that, but the linux from (linked from Download & Trial - Try before you buy – LightBurn Software) actually install the version 1.2.02 …

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so is the 7z a version. I will go to the beta thread and see if the x.03 updates were Windows-only type of updates and of no concern to Linux users.

FWIW, the beta gdrive lists 1.2.03 available and those too are versions.

From what I can tell, the new version number is 1.2.02 since I see many dates reflecting recent events around 1.2.02 and the files in the packages are dated the same 10-4-22.

The annoying part is that everytime the software start, it invite me to download 1.2.03 and point me to the download page, where downloading 1.2.03 only install 1.2.02 …

Ya, stop doing that. :slight_smile: Hopefully we hear what’s going on early this week but from what I can tell, v1.2.02 is the latest and has been built Oct 4 or 5th.

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