linux elementary 5.1.7

Has anyone had any luck using lightburn on Linux? I was given an old mackbook that was too outdated for lightburn and I put elementary 5.1.7 on it but I can’t get it to intall.

We officially support use on Ubuntu 16+ and Fedora 28+. Anything else may work but it’s not guaranteed to.
Elementary 5.1 seems to be based on Ubuntu 18 so it’s possible it could work but sometimes these other distros change things that make it incompatible for one reason or another.
Could you give more details on what’s not working with the install?

Is the machine itself 64-bit Intel architecture? If you’re trying to run on an ARM chip, PowerPC, etc, or 32 bit version of Linux, those won’t work.

Thank you for responding. I down loaded the linux64-v0.9.20 run and it wants to open it as text. I first tried using ubuntu 20.04.1 and it was doing the same.

Did you chmod +x the file, to tell Linux it’s an executable script? (My Linux-fu is pretty crap, but I think that’s necessary - Adam will correct me if I’m wrong)

Checkout the docs for installing here:

As Oz noted, you can chmod +x the run file, but it’s just easier to run:

bash ./

The intent here is that you are installing it via the command line - my guess is you were just trying to double click the .run file, which won’t work unless you give it the execute permission (unfortunately that’s not something that will stick around during the download process so we can’t pre-set it). If you are not comfortable with the command line at all, your only real option to double-click install is to right click on the file and choose Properties (or something similarly named) and then find the permissions section and check the “execute” permission. Apply that, then double click to install.
Though I really recommend just doing it from the command line since, if there are any errors, you can view the install log.

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That did it. Thank you so much.

I’m running LightBurn on Linux Mint. The big gotcha for me was the dialout group, but I see it’s now clearly highlighted in the linked documentation.

The only current thing of note is that some number entry boxes limit keyed entry to 2 digits, but the up/down arrows allow entry of values orders of magnitude larger.

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