Linux: fail to update device list on connect/disconnect on Ubuntu
-same with .07 (the first I tested)

to reproduce:
If you start LightBurn before connecting serial device /dev/ttyUSB* , then it will not show in the device list unless app is restarted while the device is present.
If you dis/reconnected (or reset the GRBL) , and it enumerates as /dev/ttyUSB1 istead of “0” , you will still see ttyUSB0 in the device list, but not ttyUSB1

Also: the splashscreen is just translucent, not showing anyting.

Which version of Ubuntu?


Additional info: I have other apps based on Python, C, Qt that hsve no issues with serial devices connecting/disconnecting.

The splash screen issue I have seen years ago on “APMPlanner2” (Qt based) I do not remember the fix, but it was something trivial.

I’ve never had to restart LightBurn but I have had to reselect the device and protocol if I unplug the machine. Not too big of a deal but sure it would be nice if it was able to recognize the device and automatically connect.

But unlike Windows, there’s no special drivers needed as the laser cutter is just another serial device. But I guess it could pull out the USB product and id codes when a user connects it and maybe look for that when connection is lost and connect to the new tty device when it finds it.

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