Liteburn and grbl on sanmart 30-18 Pro

Cannot get liteburn to connect to sanmart 30-18 pro. It found it on set up and now doesnt connect and the windows on right to search again are not showing .

Re-run LightBurn, holding the Shift key while it launches, and that will reset the window layout. You likely just need to choose the port it’s connected to.

That didn’t change anything.

That’s not much to go on. Can you take a screen shot of what LightBurn looks like when it’s running so I can see what you see?

Waiting for connection…

that is on one screen, I never learned how to a screen copy

Hold the Alt key and press the PrintScreen button. That will take a shot of whatever is the active window and copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste it here in a message with Ctrl-V, or right click and choose Paste.

Check to make sure that you have a port selected. The device finder when you start the first time is just to set it up. After that, it’s chosen down here on the lower right:

If you look right beside my mouse there, on the left, it says “(Choose)”. Click that and pick the COM port your laser is plugged in to (you will likely only have one choice).

image|422x44I 5

I do not see this screen

nothing from above this screen down.

I don’t have that screen

Go up to the top menu, click Window > Reset to Default Layout.

Thank You that worked great.

It is a pain starting to learn new program. I programed with both gibbscam and mastercam. Now it is just a matter of learning all the basics.

To help, here is the link to our video collection on youtube.

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