LO-E5 Connection to Lightburn

Hello there, the first laser pick up is a 40W laser with an LO-E5 Controller. The software Lightburn doesn’t pick up the machine when scanning for recognizable devices(connected via USB).

In addition, the LO-E5 isn’t displayed under the create manual option.

Do you guys have any tips? Do certain drivers need to be installed? Running the demo as of right now.

If I remember correctly, the LO-E5 uses the Trocen controller type.

Thanks for pointing towards the correct direction Anthony.

Two options are shown for that brand, the AWC608 and 708c. Both options are under the manual route.

I would assume the software would pick up a device, even if under a different name such as Trocen.

Either one will work with your LO-E5.

The AWC 608 uses the older FTDI driver connection, and the 708 uses the newer libusb driver. I can’t recall off the top of my head which one is the right one for the LO-E5. You might need to install a driver for it from the software that it came with if you’ve never installed that.

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