Load only after 2 or 3 Times

Hello, i have the newest Version. If i load a File eather old or new it will load mostly 2nd or 3d Time.
Please ?

Please post a sample file where you see this, and we can take a look.

Hi sorry ,
It happens on nearly all files i have, it doesn‘t matter if i load them again.
Will wait for the next update maybe then it is gone.

I tried with 23, but the same.
sometimes it will load fast, and sometime after 2 or 3 times.
no clue

Please confirm you are experiencing this with our latest public release. What OS are you running and on what hardware? Tell us as much as you can about the environment you have so we can try to track this down. :slight_smile:

Hi, yes working with last release. I never had problem before. Sometimes it loads , sometimes after 10 sec. It will show, sometimes i have to load several times until it will load.
Working with W10 20H1. Hardware HP Z440 32GB RAM

For clarity, what is “it”, meaning what type of files are you seeing this with? Can you provide the exact steps to reproduce, please? Maybe a video would help us “see” what you do. We are not fully understand nor can reproduce what we think you are identifying.

Video.mov.txt (3.5 MB)
Here you can see it will not open the loaded File, sometime it does after several tries.
remove .txt for Video

I am seeing you are doing things, but the video quality is blurry, so hard to interpret what you are actually doing. Maybe you can redo this video using a screen capture, so we can see the entire, non-cropped image of LightBurn with clarity. We need to be able to read any text shown.

It looks like you select the ‘Open’ icon, then double-click a file. Hard to tell what is really happening after that. What is reported at the bottom center of LightBurn just after you do the double-click to open that file?

Here are 2 captures from the same steps you show (Open→Double-click selected file), running on a Mac.

I can not tell from the video, what type of files are you trying to open? What is the file extension of these files, are they all the same file type?

When the file is loaded, it sometimes opens immediately or only after about 30 seconds. some files only open after the 3rd or 4th load. The loading time indicator always shows even if the file is not loaded. The Files are Lightburn old and new Format. It also happens when importing.

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