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I’m using the trial for light burn before I get my laser so I could learn the software. I’m not sure why I cant bring in my files in from Circuit design space or maybe its just not possible. I even copied a svg pic. to light burn and I still cant seem to save it to the art library. Is there a good tutorial to watch that shows how to load a picture and save it to light burn. Thanks

You can learn more about general importing techniques here in this video:
LightBurn Basics #1: Importing, selection, grouping, movement. - YouTube

You can learn about how the trace feature works here. This will be useful for when you import an image (instead of a vector drawing).
LightBurn Basics #3 - Trace Image and Weld - YouTube

While relatively easy to use, I’ve found Cricut to have some of the most user hostile practices when it comes to trying to using your designs how you’d like outside of Cricut Design Space.

Effectively the only way I’m aware that you can get files out of Cricut DS is by saving as a JPEG file. You would then import that image into LightBurn and then trace the image so that it becomes a vector format again. For more flexibility you could separate out each layer of your Cricuit design so they’re not overlapped, save as jpeg, import into LightBurn, trace, and then recombine the components.

On the other end, LightBurn is quite flexible about what files it imports and exports.

I just read that Circuit Design will export in svg and dxf…


What the guy in the video does is basically what I described here:

To really call this an “export” in that title is clickbait. It’s really just a way of working around Cricut’s user hostile limitations.

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