Locating part on Lightburn

I recently purchased Lightburn for a new computer. I have been using Lightburn on another computer for about 3 years with no problems. I have a Boss 2436 CO2 laser
I am having an issue on the new computer. When I bring in a DXF file to burn and I want to locate the upper right corner of the part at certain coordinates, It locates the center of the part at the coordinates that I set instead of the upper right corner. I have it set to locate at the upper right corner. I have checked the setting from the old computer and they appear to be the same. Please help

to make it work, or is that the question.?

I think the issue is the in the ‘Size and Position’ menu.

Notice the XPos, YPos coordinates change when the relative position is changed without moving the object. Yours is probably set to the center.

Upper right… where is sounds like you would want it…

Good luck


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