Lock file on other computer

Hello all
is it possible to lock a file in lightburn in such a way that it remains in the same coordinates, even on another computer the normal locking does not work
with kind regards

I think it has more to do with the fact that your setup of LightBurn is not the same on both computers.
Try to check the settings or better, copy your setup from the machine that is ok to the one that is not ok.

thanks for the quick replay i will give it a go

This might depend on the setting of the Start From entry in the laser window.

If both use absolute coordinates, they should be OK…

Assuming they are setup properly.

You can select an object and lock it, but I don’t think that’s what you want to do, but maybe it is.

Select the object and right click. Once locked it can’t be moved or edited.


… but will still be in the “wrong position” in another machine setup.

You can’t move art from a 3018 style laser to a 5030 laser and expect the same position…

If it’s in absolute coordinates it will be in the same place relative to it’s home position.

It would be great to do a pcb on the fiber and mount it in the cnc machine for the holes to be drilled without some kind of adjustment…

I’ve done this using pegs to align the pcb, but it’s a mind game to get things right. I’ve never locked an object except my templates, which are all locked.

I guess I’m not sure what they really want to do… If they have different origins it changes things.


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