Lock position for textfeld?


I use my laser to engrave signs with same layouts.
I have 3-8 textfelds thats are told to be Align Center and Center.
But for some reason will CC change a little bit everytime I type a new text there.
Thats a big problem since I have to reproduce exactly that sign over and over again.

Is there anyway to lock the position for real?

So if I set a textfeld o be CC at X55,Y150 so will it say exactly that nomather what text I type

There’s a big difference between these three characters:

. - ’ (decimal point, hyphen, apostrophe)

LightBurn anchors the text to the middle of the “font” not the middle of the individual characters you typed. Otherwise, the line would shift as you typed new letters, and that would be complained about far more. This is standard software behavior with text.

What you’re seeing above is that LightBurn is computing the center of the generated geometry, and displaying that in the position field. The position of the “line the text is drawn on” is not moving, but if you type … or ‘’’’’’ you’ll see different values in the position field because the geometry of the characters is a little different.