Locking image while working on

I don’t know if the topic has been answered before, or I may be missing the option to

be able to do this already.

It would be nice if when designing a project, one could have the ability to “lock” the

layer from accidently moving when working with other parts of the design. This would

ensure there was no unintentional/unnoticed shift misalignment of the layer that is not

being worked on.

Is there any chance it could be added in with a future update?

By the way, I must say this is a great program. Very powerful. Any future thoughts of

developing a similar software (especially the layers capabilities) in a CNC version? I

currently use “Easel”, but really would like it if it used the layers concept that Lightburn

utilizes to control the layers on one page with the colour selections.

Thanks for the time.


Slightly different than your specific statement but wanted to raise it in case you weren’t aware.

Have you tried using the Arrange->Lock Selected Shapes feature? This would apply at a shape level rather than a layer level. You can easily choose all objects in a layer by holding shift as you click on the layer. Alternatively, if you turn off “Show” on the layer there’s no way to accidentally move those shapes although they’re no longer available as reference in that case.

I do think it would be useful to have graphic/illustration like controls with a lock and eyeball to handle locking and visibility/showing at the layer level.

Thanks for the fast reply, Currently I do turn off the layer…select graphic…then turn on the other layer to be able to align what I need. I did not know that the other option you suggested was available. Will definitely try.
Thanks again for the help

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