Longer list of "recent projects" update PLEASE!

Hello LB Team, may I please request to get a longer list of recent projects in the file menu?
I would very much appreciate if it were say 25-30 instead of just 8 - this would really help!
Thank you! :blush: Mirjam

I’ve bumped it up to 24. We’ll try with that to start - I’m trying to prevent it from overflowing smaller screens.


Wow thank you! Will this be available with your next update?

Well, it certainly won’t be available with a past one, so yes. :wink:


Hi, I installed the update yesterday, but the list is still at 8 recent projects…
Do I have to change something in the settings? Thanks!

This change, “…bumped it up to 24.”, has not been released to the public as yet. It is still in testing. :slight_smile:

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