Longer Ray 5 to Lightburn

when restarting a project or continuing a job from day before with the same settings as before my Engraver says that’s it disconnected every time. I have to go thru the steps of unhooking everything and rehooking everything up as far as hardware and redownload everything so my computer recognizes it as a new device and I have to rename it over and over again. This is seriously slowing me down. I keep the setting all the same when I shut down and save all projects were they are when I am finished so the I assume that the connections and new name will all be the same when I power up again. NOT so.

Please do keep in mind that I have the latest of everything.

Nearly all the complaints like yours are users of MAC machines. It is well known for years that Apple does not play well with others.

Hopefully somebody with this issue figured out how to solve it and are willing to share that.

My laser will move to start a project and will fire the laser but won’t move afterwords, I am having it burn out circles but as I said, it will start the job but won’t move.

In Lightburn, create a small circle, maybe 10mm, and save it as Gcode with the .txt extension. Then upload it here.

how do I save it as a Gcode?

In the Laser window, near the Run button.