Longer Ray5 Not connecting

Linux Ryzen 7 PC with Ray 5 Lasercutter
Hi All, Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
I have a longer Ray5 10W and I am trying to connect it to Lightburn.
When I open LB and plug in the laser I see the laser status in LB change to ready for a split second then it changes to disconnected. I have tried toggling the DTR setting and I have tried all Baud rates in LB but it’s still not seen. In Linux I see the device so it looks like it’s connecting to the computer but I am baffled on how to proceed. I have been trying for the last month and the only way I can laser ois with the SD card.

Resolved it myself.
Found some text in the LB documentation. Even though I had not updated Ubuntu I decided to run the commands shown in the post below. I also had to enable DTR settings in LB device settings. For some reason I had to plug and unplug the USB cable multiple times to get it to connect but it has finally resolved the connection issue.

"Some Linux users have reported issues connecting to lasers that had previously worked after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 due to a conflict with the Braille display driver BRLTTY.

To check if BRLTTY is running, open a terminal window and run ps -fe | grep brltty. You can remove the process from the system using sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove brltty"

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