Longer Ray5 positioning issue off SD card

What I would like to do.

  • Put a gbrl file on sd card from Mac. Load sd into machine.
  • Alternatively, go through web interface to control.
  • Place A4 lino board in workspace.
  • Manually place laser head in top right corner of board.
  • Press “Position” on machine.
  • Engrave.

What Longer Ray5 does.

  • Shows two identical .gc files. One doesn’t do anything.
  • Engraves wherever. Had experiments where it was to the right of the board, current setting has it starting bottom left of work area, away from board.
  • Side problem… had it set at 900mm/ 80%, 4 passes, but it doesn’t feel like whatever it is burning with would make a dent in that lino board. Though to be fair, there is a white metal board underneath machine where it currently starts, and I stop the process then.

What I would like to avoid:

  • connect the machine to my Mac. It is outside.
  • get Lightburn Bridge.

I have watched videos, I have tried different absolute/ current/ user position settings. Pressed “position” on laser. Pressed “home” on laser. Read both manuals. And nothing makes any sense. :slight_smile:

I know this must be an absolute noob issue, but questioning my sanity here. How do I determine where the board is?

Any help appreciated!

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