Looking for an older version of lightburn

Through a ridiculous set of events (sheds roof opened a hole about 3cm in diameter and it poured rain through onto my older laptop - and ONLY my older laptop) my laptop died. To cut a long story short, i went from 9.0.7 to 9.0.9 and jumped operating systems (Linux -> WIndows 10).

I’m having significant issues with a particular font that i have cut previously on the same machine. Certain parts of it don’t line up during the cut but everything else looks fine.

I’ve removed Corel from the equation completely by just putting the font directly into lightburn to get exactly the same result, despite lightburn showing that everything is connected. Has someone got an older installer (preferably 9.0.7) hanging about so i can test that lightburn isn’t doing something silly internally?

Thanks in advance

There is this post.

Are you able to draw and cut a simple shape, like a rectangle or circle using LightBurn? I might try that first.

Thanks Rick.

I have done squares, my circles have flattened points but at least are still connected. The parts that fail however are rounded so that may have something to do with it. Only thing thats changed however is the laptop & version of lightburn so i’m starting here.


Just to round this out, I found a couple of issues all culminating to the same end. For whatever reason i am unable to cut ‘Magnolia’ font without it causing significant issues. This was never an issue previously and i’m not sure why it is now but for the moment i just wont use said font. Everything outside of that appears to function correctly.

I found “Magnolia Sky”. Is this the font you are having issues with?

If you can tell me exactly where you got it, I can download (or purchase if necessary) and try to reproduce the issue here.

Font: Magnolia Script:
(its a free-to-download font)

Baby Delahunty.lbrn (130.9 KB) I have also attached the lightburn file i’ve been using to make the cut (which to me looks “right”). For whatever reason, in the same place (top of the second b in Baby for instance - multiple across the cut) i get gaps.


Looking at your file now. What do you have in your settings for this? Please show us a screen capture of the settings for this job and a ‘Preview’ window showing what you mean by “(top of the second b in Baby for instance - multiple across the cut) i get gaps.” Or are these “gaps” only showing up during output from the laser? Please show us so we can see what you do. :slight_smile:

Edit: This is made up of only vector paths, so now I am confused as this file is not using any fonts. It my have at one point, but now this “text” has been welded to the base of what I assumed to be a cake-topper frame.

Thats correct, it is welded into a bunch of vectors for cutting. I’m only getting the failure on the output where every other topper i have is working. I’ve taken a picture of the output below.

cut settings are pretty generic - 35% @ 4mm/s 1 pass. Everything else should be default

This is the output, as you can tell i have gaps all over it, and they’re consistent between cuts no matter placement. I apologise for the smoke marks but this was day 4 of working with this issue and i gave up caring and was just trying to get it to cut.

Here is a cut (it was in the same direction as the above) done within 10 minutes of the first:

I accept that this could still be a mechanical issue but the absolute consistency on failure of that particular topper (i’ve cut it 10-15 times now with the same result each time) and the lack-of-failure on everything else makes me think its a LightBurn thing.

My workflow is as follows;

  • create design in Corel Draw
  • Export svg 1:1
  • import into lightburn
  • modify/configure
  • cut



You have ‘Dot Mode’ on in your line layer. That’s going to make your machine shake quite a bit. Turn that off and I suspect things will go smoother.

This does make a lot of sense, but i can’t see ‘dot mode’

The file was generated in 0.9.04 - would this be the reason?

Edit: Moved to 0.9.09 and still can’t see the “Dot Mode”

Hmm - If you’re using a GRBL device that shouldn’t actually matter (it will have no effect).

To be on the safe side though, you can click the ‘Reset to default’ button in the lower left, and if it cuts properly and without issues after that, please let me know and I’ll dig into it a bit further.

What I think is more likely is that the K40 is sticking a little on the rails, or has the acceleration set a little high - they can be very fussy, and mechanical issues are much more inconsistent than software ones - software problems tend to be pretty repeatable. Make sure your rails are clean and clear of debris as a starting point.

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