Looking for best price on a Ruida controller

I have a Geike laser that is about 7 years old. It is currently a Dsp controller/ Leetroo. I really want a better controller and I want to use Lightburn for the software.
Which Ruida controller should I get and who has the best price? I’m sure once I get Light
burn running I will have many more questions.

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You might try Cloudray or Amazon.

I’d probably get a RDC6445 I think is the model number. It has a large screen, but otherwise is functionally similar to the 6442.

I purchased a RDC6442S on AliExpress for $237 incl shipping. Had it in 10 days. I wanted to go with the RDC6445, but because of the size of the screen there was not enough room to enlarge the mounting hole for the screen to fit. The 6442 turned out to be the best option and it was a direct drop-in replacement for a FSL. (the FSL was also a G.Weike laser with their controller)

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What is the big difference in the 6442 and the 6445. I know the 6445 has a numeric key pad, but do I need that?
Thanks for the replies!

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