Looking for ideas for burning a logo

Okay so it got out that I have a laser a little sooner than I thought it would…. I had a guy reach out to me to do his logo for his new business starting next month and he wants it in wood. We will do acrylic later when have a chance to play with it some.

So here is my question. The image has about 5-6 colors total. Is there an easy way to convert those individual colors to layers? I could convert the image to greyscale and use the threshold a few times but if I am over thinking this let me know. I am planning on using the layers to create a 3D looking image with different power/speed settings.

Show us what the logo looks like, so folks can offer some suggestions for different flows to achieve what you are after. :slight_smile:

I will have to see if they are okay first :slight_smile: and get it from my home computer. If they are not ready to share I will mock something up.

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