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I’m looking at buying this 90w Laser. I’m curious to see if anyone has used it before. I plan on using it to engrave on anodized aluminum and the re-sell assures me this machine will do it.


It’s interesting that the link says it’s 80w but the description on the site says 90watt.

There are many machines out on the market. Reci tube is a quality tube

Make sure you get the W2 tube not the W1 tube. That’s a marketing trick they use to oversell their laser. By advertising the max output power hard to read the info in the photo

The Ruida controller is another great thing to have on a machine as well as the chiller.

Over all it’s a decent machine. The freight is also an add
cost to look out for.



Hey there,

I am looking at this machine too. I think it perfect for my needs power and space wize. That is if it will fit through several standard doors.

I emailed TOOLOTS and asked the for machine dimensions and they could not give me the actual size of the unit only the shipping dimensions. Do know what the dimensions are by any chance?



Looks like this is your machine’s manufacturing page:

You could do a little detective work based on the table dimensions on the laser vs the photo of enclosure and guesstimate if you had to. Also knowing that it is smaller then the outside dimensions of the crate
Which are

58-17/64 x 33-55/64 x 34-1/4 inches

Most doors are 35-36” wide

Pretty sure that after you open the crate you can slide it through the door.

Cheers and good luck


Thanks Mr Sasquatch!

I emailed them and will find out shortly. The doors here are 31 inches. I wish 35-36.

Thanks again,


Heh, the door I brought my 80w red&black through was only 29-1/2".

I greased it up with a lot of KY and got a running start and it went through just fine. :slight_smile:

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I still think you are OK . The +/- 34 inch width is for the crate. I have a feeling that the crate adds 2.5 x 3” on each side for “Cush factor”

I would be interested to hear what they tell you .



I have been in contact with the manufacturer in china. Very nice guy and his English is not horrible. If you have whatapp his number is +86 155 8997 9188 tell him Brian sent ya.

Also, they are sending 35 peices over on the 10th, Im waiting till then to get a 6090 machine.

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Thanx @Kabal, we are scheduled to receive our 1500 x 1100 dual head laser tomorrow .

Our Big Boy is 5 ft x 7 ft Garage Roll up door time.

Will post pics as soon as we get it



Thanks Brian I’ll give him a call.

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