Looking into adding a camera

I have an LS1630 (750mmx400mm bed). I was looking at purchasing an 8mp, 95 degree camera. Distance from top of lid raised to the bed would be about 812mm. Does this sound right for a 95 degree camera?

Also, I have watched some videos and tried to understand the process of the camera. Is it possible to take an image utilizing the camera and set that image to both cut and engrave? For example, if I have a piece of MDF and I want to cut out a house frame that I drew out and engrave the walls of the house, is that possible utilizing the camera?

The 8mp-95 would need a minimum of 500mm mounting height above the bed to see your whole work area. You’ll be mounting higher than that, so you’ll be wasting some of the image, but you have some to spare.

For the other part of your question, the camera is meant for aligning work visually on material. It does function as a rudimentary image capture, but it works best for thick outlines, like things you might draw with a sharpie. If you want to take something hand drawn and cut / engrave it, you’re better off using a scanner, or even a modern smart phone to capture the image - you’ll have an easier time getting a consistently lit result that way, and better resolution.

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